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Dr. Rustom Chinwalla

MBBS MD (hair and skin specialist)

Dr. Rustom Chinwalla is a board certified dermatologist, cosmetologist and the Hair Specialist in Tardeo, also Dr. Chinwalla is attached to reputed hospitals like Breach candy hospital and Wockhardt hospital. Dr. Chinwalla’s expertise is in Hair restoration and technology and he has pioneered the concept of “HAIR REGROWTH WITHOUT HAIR TRANSPLANT” using a combination of time tested treatments and therapies, which is considered as the most satisfying part for Hair Regrowth Treatment. The usage of world class technologies helps him to provide excellent result oriented treatments in HAIR, SKIN, & COSMETOLOGY.
About Clinic

Skintrix Skin And Hair Care

Skintrix Skin and Hair Care was founded by Dr. Rustom Chinwalla to cater to hair, skin and cosmetology treatments under one roof. Dermatologists offers the treatment related to Skin and Hair problems which helps patients to get results more quickly. Dr. Chinwalla is one of the Leading Dermatologist in his field and also has many satisfied clients Friendly Doctors, Comfortable Office, Family Friendly, Convenient Location, Satisfaction Guarantee, Accessibility, Modern Equipment High-Quality Materials.

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We provide advanced dermatology treatment options for all kinds of SKIN & HAIR. We have a wide range of treatment options starting from common skin allergies to high-end Cosmetology procedures and Hair Transplantations too.
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