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Best Hydra-facial and Skin Polishing Treatment

Skin polishing or Microdermabrasion helps in removing dry and flaky skin. It is simple, painless, non invasive cosmetic procedure that exfoliates, polishes, and increases the lymphatic drainage of skin. It also smoothens and even out skin tone and reduce the pore size. It is beneficial especially when skin becomes rough and leathery over time due to excessive exposure to the sun. It helps in eliminating dead surface cells and fights fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged oily pores and acne scarring. Dr. Chinwalla provides Best Skin Polishing Treatments at very affordable prices.

Skin polishing treatment involves removing the uppermost layer of your skin (containing dead skin) using mechanical microdermabrasion. Skin polishing aims to promote fresh, younger and smoother skin by stimulating collagen and new skin cell production.

Benifits of Skin Polishing


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