Hair Regrowth Therapy using (Dermaroller + Laser + PRP Therapy)


Dr. Rustom Chinwalla is one of the best Hair Specialist in Tardeo. Dr. Chinwalla is famous for his combination of DERMAROLLER, LASERS AND PRP to stimulate the growth of hair follicles and thereby existing hair become thicker, darker and longer. The above treatments can be used in both males and females.

Actual Hair Regrowth Seen under Microscope after Laser & Dermaroller Therapy

Roller Therapy

  • Derma Roller is a cylindrical shaped drum stud with fine needles in different lengths and a medical device to stimulate hair/skin cells to proliferate.
  • The mechanical action of the roller breaks down the extra elastic tissue surrounding the hair root and this results in an improved blood supply to the root thus helping the root to grow.
  • The roller also creates micro channels into the scalp to facilitate the entry and increase the potency of the medicines used to increase hair growth.
  • After the derma roller, stem cells are injected to further stimulate hair growth. Sessions Required – A minimum of 4 to 6 sessions are required with a gap of one month between each session.
  • The procedure is painless as a numbing cream is used prior to the procedure.

What Patients say regarding the Hair Induction

I Started my laser hair induction therapy about 9-12 weeks ago. I was loosing Tremendous of hair and loosing my confidence along with it. After 2 Sessions of this therapy I could feel the difference in my hair growth, my hair loss reduced by around 70-80%. My Hair Growth after about 3 Sessions is Prominent and Noticeable even by others now. Along with my new hair growth I am Regaining my confidence as well.
P. Shah

I had approached Dr Chinwalla for my hair loss problem. He suggested me to do Roller Treatment and offered me customized package with reasonable rate which were lower than any of the leading dermatology treatments. I would like to mention that Roller treatment is very effective to my satisfaction and given me desired result. If I would like to mention my experience in one line “Paisa Wasool Treatment.”
Deepak Maru

Result Oriented Treatment & timely feedback during the course helped in Hair Regrowth. Non-Surgical Treatment with no cuts. Session by session thorough treatment. Recommended couple of other relatives. Personal treatment and Care by Doctor himself helps in getting result quickly
Rohan Narkar